Monday, March 28, 2011

why i love working in AIBB

I've been working here (AIBB) for 6 years. Well, not all rainbows and sunny days, ade jugak ups and downs. Biase lah kan.

But I'm thankful, feel blessed to work in a company yang always full of activity. Hehe. Inclusive trips to Korea, Vietnam, Jakarta, Phuket... stay at great and wonderful hotel/resort such as Mulia Senayan Jakarta (the terpaling best hotel I'd ever stayed), Club Med (Cherating an Phuket), Sheraton Langkawi etc etc. All this kalau pakai duit sendiri mmg tak tersampai kot. Alhamdulillah...

And another thing is leisure and social activity. Always ade je things and activity to join, enjoy and talk about throughout the year. MIBA games, inter-dept etc etc. and last Saturday I'd played paintball for the very first time of my life. haha. best giler. serious!! mula2 takut2, takut sakit, takut lebam.. tp bile dah main, mcm addictive plak. hehe.

Enjoy the video. Mmg funny giler la... first time main la katekan. hehe. Cube teka which one is moi. :p

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