Tuesday, May 3, 2011

what's taking so long?

i have bundles of photos to edit and to post. I just got my macbook back (after three weeks + of repairing/overhauling at Apple Svc Ctr). New look, hehe. Changed the keyboard and the whole set of the trimmings and stuff (i don't know whats the name.. tp the whole surface of the keyboard and tepi2 semua tu lah). So happy that I can change it for free!! Just need to pay RM100 for overall checking and change HDD. I buy HDD at Low Yatt for RM125 and send it to them to change (if they use their HDD it cost me RM600++.. pfft!)

Anywaaaayyyy... new HDD means all new lah kan. Lucky to have time machine back up before sending. So, i got all my apps and files and everything back lah. Yeay!! But, my bad, my Photoshop did not work!! grrrrrr!!!!! so, i need to purchase a new one lah.

Soooo....... only after i got a new copy of the photoshop will i update this blog. till then... blog hop saje lah ya.

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